The Best Camera Video Recording System

Comparison of IP Camera Video Recording Systems

The IP recording and management system is a crucial part of your IP camera system. If you select the wrong solution, you could find yourself without the critical video evidence you need when an incident occurs, or worse still, your security could be breached, and safety threatened because

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How IP Paging and Intercoms Increase Security

 There’s more to security than door access control, intrusion alarms, and video surveillance. 

It is also important to tell people what to do in an emergency.  Emergency public notification is one of the important applications for IP paging and intercoms.  There are also many other new applications possible with the latest IP paging and intercom systems.

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Comparison of PTZ Cameras

What is the Best PTZ Camera

Pan tilt zoom (PTZ) IP cameras connect to the network and provide the ability to view extensive areas. A PTZ camera can move back and forth (pan), up and down (tilt), and zoom in and out. When it is combined with intelligent video management software (VMS), it provides an [Read more …

Access Control: What is it

What is Access Control?
Access control is anything that is used to prevent the wrong people from gaining access to your secure area. For example, the door lock and key is an old access control system. In the electronic security world, access control as a combination of electric lock, a door reader, and a controller that is used to prevent unauthorized entry.. [Read more …

Comparison of Door Access Credentials

How Door Access Credentials Work

Door access control systems use various credentials to unlock the door. Credentials can include physical cards that we carry, a PIN number we enter, or even the physical aspect of a person (biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition). This article compares the credentials that we carry. They are sometimes

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PA System Configurations

Comparison of PA Systems

What is the best IP paging system? There are several configurations that can be used depending on your requirements. In general, the PA over IP system is much easier to install than the older central paging amplifier systems. Instead of running wires from a central amplifier location, the IP paging systems

Cameras for Extreme Environments

Explosion-Proof Cameras, High-Temperature Viewing, and other Extreme Environments

Unfortunately, the need for special equipment is only discovered after the first disaster. When electric power was first used in coal mines, the lethal explosions prompted the changes in the electrical engineering standards. It became apparent that sparks had to be prevented when there was coal dust [Read more …

IP Camera System Installation

How to Save Money Installing the IP Camera System

Wouldn't it be nice if it was easier to install IP cameras? After all, installation is a big part of the expense of an IP camera system. Some manufacturers provide IP cameras that are designed for easy installation. They thought about everything from how the cameras [Read more …

IP Door Access Systems Wiring

Comparison of The Topography of Access Control Systems

Access control systems used to be very complicated and difficult to wire. The early access systems used a central control box that connected to all the doors. The wiring was complex and expensive to install. The latest access control solutions bring all the control functions to the door ...

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How Access Control Management Software Works

What is the Best Access Control Management Software? 

Door access management software is an essential part of your access control system. It allows you to manage the door readers in your organization, and then enter and manage all the people who will use the doors. Most of the access management software available provides simple [Read more …]