The Best Apartment Intercoms

IP Apartment Intercoms Review

The latest IP apartment intercoms use wireless networks to communicate with the tenant. The new wireless multi-tenant intercoms allow you to contact the resident's smartphone or standard phone to request entry into the building. The lobby intercom touchscreen display provides a list of all the tenants in the building. This article [Read more…

The Evolution of the PTZ Camera

Pan, Tilt Zoom Cameras Provide Increased Capability

We have come a long way since the first pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras. The first PTZ cameras were relatively primitive. These early cameras shared the technology with television cameras and used vidicon vacuum tubes and other analog components to capture the video. This article describes the evolution [Read more…

Comparison of Commercial IP Camera Systems and Home Cameras

Comparison of IP Camera Systems

What's the difference between a home surveillance camera and a commercial IP camera system used in schools, office buildings, and hospitals? Home IP Cameras cost between $20 and $100, while the professional IP cameras range from $150 to over $2,000. There is a difference. This article compares the capability you

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Technology Review of 2020

Is there anything nice we can say about 2020? Not much except maybe, I don't think murder hornets killed anyone. It certainly was a challenging year, and we are all happy to say goodbye. It was a year of the pandemic and of science finding vaccines in record-breaking time. It was a year where we

Access Control Systems Good Practices

Installation Practices for Access Control Systems

There are several things to consider when selecting and installing a door access control system. These safer practices increase the overall security of the system. System security starts with the correct type of door-reader and secure wiring. It requires the right electric lock and an exit methodology for maglocks. [Read more…

IP Paging Systems Provide Advanced Functionality

This is Not Your Father's Paging System

Paging systems have changed over the years. Remember the old days when the principal would make announcements on that old PA system. You were lucky to hear anything that was said. The principal had a microphone attached to a clunky amplifier. It had a large knob that adjusted

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Access Control Enhanced With Intercoms

How to Control Visitors

An access control system allows people with a credential to enter, but what happens when a visitor comes to the door? One easy way to handle the visitor is to add an IP intercom. An IP camera, and some additional software, can be added to provide a safe way to allow

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Integrating Access Control and Temperature Screening

How to Integrate Temperature Scanning Biometrics with Access Control systems

Access control systems can be enhanced to increase safety by adding biometric (face and Palm) access credentials, temperature scanning, and mask detection. The biometric temperature scanning panels can be used by themselves or added to existing access control systems. Why add biometric access control? Mostly

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How a Power Supply Works

Access Control, IP Cameras, and Intercoms Need Power Supplies

Designing a power supply is one of the first electrical engineering tasks I did in college. I remember those days. We learned many things, such as don't drink a lot of beer before the lab class. Don't put your finger in the electric socket. Always try

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