Thermal Body Temperature Screening Cameras

The Pros and Cons of Thermal Cameras That Measure a Person's Temperature
Thermal imaging cameras have been around for many years. They were first used in the 1940s and 1950s by the military. Long-range camera systems use thermal cameras to help with detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) of targets. They have also been used in [Read more…

Requirements for Long-Range PTZ Cameras

Long-Range IP Camera Object Detection
If we want to detect an object that is miles away, is the magnification of the lens the most important, or is it the camera resolution? It turns out that many factors determine the effectiveness of a long-range camera. The things that determine the performance of a long-range camera system [Read more…

How Technology Helps Hospitals

How IP Camera Systems and Door Access Help With Infectious Disease Control

The current health crisis has placed a significant strain on all hospital resources. Besides the problem of medical supplies and protective equipment, they have been struggling with finding rooms for all the new infectious patients. The hospitals have been creating inventive solutions to [Read more…

How to Install Your IP Camera System

What is an IP Camera System? The "IP" means that the camera connects to the network rather than to a DVR using a coax cable.

The IP camera system includes not only the cameras but also the video recording system. The cameras and the recording system connect to a network switch. The IP camera systems may also

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The Best Single Door Access Control

The new IP access control systems connect to the network and provide the flexibility that allows you to install a single door at a time. These new IP access control systems include the door reader and controller that is all located at the door. The electric lock is connected to the controller

Comparison of Apartment Intercom Systems

What is the Best Intercom?

Intercom History The first intercoms were developed in the late 1800s. They used speaking tubes to talk to other people in the building. Business organizations were the first to use these intercoms. The office manager could reach his secretary or other people in various departments in the building. The invention

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Technology Review for 2019

The New Technology of 2019

2019 was a year of evolution rather than revolution. Security technology evolved and became more powerful and easier to use. IP camera manufacturers focused on enhancing their products. Access control systems became more user-friendly, added mobile capability, and made it easier to integrate with IP camera systems. Paging systems added

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How to Upgrade Your Access Control System

Upgrade Your Door Access Control System

The classic door access control systems have been around for many years. These access control systems include one or more central control panels that connect to all the door readers. Usually, the door readers use a Wiegand connection for communication. The reader-to-controller cable includes the serial Wiegand wires, power, [Read more…

Panic Button and Other Security Systems for Schools

How to Handle Active Shooter Emergencies

Active shooter situations have become a significant security issue. Many articles have been written about this. Solutions range from increased technology, active shooter drills in schools, and of course, gun control.

Ann Hampton Callaway even wrote a song, Thoughts and Prayers. A recent article, Active Shooter Drills May Not Stop A School

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The Best Camera Video Recording System

Comparison of IP Camera Video Recording Systems

The IP recording and management system is a crucial part of your IP camera system. If you select the wrong solution, you could find yourself without the critical video evidence you need when an incident occurs, or worse still, your security could be breached, and safety threatened because

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