How Technology Can Help in Active Shooter Situations

This article was updated on 2/18/2018

We have seen more and more incidences on school campuses that involve active shooters.  In the wake of this violence many colleges, universities, and elementary schools are searching for ways to respond to this threat.   There has been a lot of discussion about how to react.

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Security Technology Review for 2017

In 2017 there were a number of technology advancements. Faster processors provided higher performance IP cameras that enhanced the security provided by IP camera systems. Other technology introduced included, long-range PTZ cameras, new biometric door access control readers, and more advanced network attached paging and intercom systems. Over last year, technology for IP [Read more …

How to Protect IP Camera System from Cyber Attack

Protecting Your IP Camera from Hacking IP camera systems are supposed to protect us. That is their purpose. However, do we need to protect the camera system? It turns out that in this brave new world of cyber threats, even our cameras are vulnerable. There are some things you can do to protect your [Read more …

Biometric Door Control Misconceptions

Do You Believe Facial Recognition Readers Store Your Picture? There are many misconceptions about science and technology. One of the misconceptions is that biometric IP door readers store a picture of your fingerprint or face. Another one is that the Earth is a flat disc that rests on top of four elephants, on top of

Low-Light Sensitivity of IP Cameras

For many applications, one of the more important characteristics of an IP camera system is how well it performs in low light situations. 

This article reviews the IP camera specification for minimum light level and the factors that affect the low light performance.

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Long Range Camera Systems – Custom Vs. Off-the-Shelf

Review of Long-Range Day-Night IP Camera Systems

Do you want to detect objects many miles away? While custom-made cameras are best for very long-range applications, the latest off-the-shelf cameras provide some of the same capability for less money. These long-range PTZ cameras are very cost-effective, and allow you to detect a person over 4-miles away. [Read more …

How to Ensure Video Chain of Evidence

One of the objectives of a video security system is to help law enforcement prosecute miscreants. It is important that this digital evidence follow the rules for chain of evidence so it will be acceptable by the courts.  It must be treated just like fingerprints, confiscated weapons, and other physical objects that need to be authenticated in court.  [Read more …

How to Set Up an IP Camera in Low Light Situations

What is the best IP camera for low light operation, and what are the correct settings? When it’s dark, there can be motion smearing and amplifier noise that degrades the image. 

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Protecting Your Computer from Malware

The best way to protect your computer from attack.

What if you didn't have to worry about ransomware or any other viruses? Unfortunately, cybercrime has become a major problem for the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who is tasked with protecting the company's computer systems, as well as the CEO who has to deal with [Read more …

Comparison of Security Provided by Door Access Systems

What Is the Most Secure Door Access Control System?


How secure is a PIN or a RFID card? Pricing for a door reader can range from less than $100 for a single door to over $1100 per door. What do you get for the money? In some cases, the security level provided can be crucial to your safety. How can [Read more …